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The Joint Economic & Community Development Board Executive Committee will meet at 7:45 AM on Thursday, August 5, 2021 at the JECDB office located at 200 Aviation Way, Suite 202, Lebanon.

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October 2014


"Are we There Yet?"

Many of us either as a child or parent has spoken and/or heard this immortal question. While it is always comforting to know ones beginning and ending in many areas of our lives and work it is not possible. Such is the case in the field of economic development. More...

July 2014


"Tear Down This Wall"

This month it has been twenty-seven years since then President Ronald Reagan told Soviet President Gorbachev to "tear down this wall"! The event was in reference of course to the wall which separated East and West Germany. While not as historic, the same words are applicable in the field of economic development. Todays walls can and are identified not only by physical structures but by city limits, growth boundaries and service areas. Successful communities work to tear down those walls of separation and not to validate or strengthen. More...

January 2014


Starting Out the New Year

Each year the Nashville Business Journal publishes the results of The Beacon Centers most and least business friendly cities in Tennessee. In its most recent ranking, Ms. Jamie McGee of the Journal discussed the findings which listed Lebanon (6th) and Mt. Juliet (4th) among the largest fifty cities in Tennessee. I thought it important to discuss these rankings and why we should take this as a call for further thought and action. More...

October 2013


Successful Communities Contribute to States Top Ranking

Tennessee’s “Fall Season” is confirmed in many different ways. It is exhibited through our numerous fall festivals, great weather and the heightened interest and support of our favorite football programs. In the world of economic development, fall is confirmed when national trade magazines publish their rankings of best states to do business. In Area Development’s third quarter publication, Tennessee received a sixth place ranking among the nation’s top ten states. More...