When your company needs to dive into our labor pool, it’ll be a refreshing experience.  The reason; we have an extremely diverse workforce with one big thing in common: professional pride.

Add to that an incredibly pro-business environment with innumerable tax benefits which include sales tax exemptions, jobs tax credits for both franchise and excise taxes, excise tax credits for business and low local property taxes.

As you can see, the combination of the right location, a skilled, dedicated workforce and a low and competitive tax program makes Wilson County, Tennessee quite desirable.
  • The 2014 population of Wilson County was estimated at 125,376.  Wilson County experienced a 28.4% increase from 2000 to 2010.
  • The total civilian labor force in Wilson County for 2014 was 61,270, of which 58,030 were employed and 3,250 were unemployed.  The average unemployment rate was 5.3%.
  • The middle Tennessee region offers many primary, secondary, university, vocational and continuing education institutions that contribute to the goal of providing a qualified workforce.
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