The State of Tennessee ranked 5th in Site Selection magazine’s Top State Business Climate Rankings and was recently named "State of the Year" by Business Facilities magazine.

Tennessee has long been known as a business-friendly state.  Thanks to the lack of a personal income tax, the state’s comparatively low business tax rates and the natural advantages of Tennessee’s good location, the overall statewide business climate is hospitable for businesses of almost any size or type.

The Beacon Center ranked two Wilson County cities in their top ten most business-friendly cities.  Mt. Juliet ranked fourth while Lebanon ranked seventh.   The annual study examines Tennessee's 50 largest cities, assessing factors such as property tax rates, sales taxes, job growth, population growth, violent crime, household income, cost of living and high school graduation rates. 

Wilson County is strategically located with easy access to three interstates, rail and an international airport. Wilson County is within 650 miles of 75% of the major U.S. markets and is known as one of the top 100 Most Logistic-Friendly Cities in the United States.

In Wilson County, education is a precious natural resource. It provides businesses with trained, motivated employees and offers excellent public and private education.

The cost of doing business and cost of living in Wilson County remain relatively low in comparison to other areas: