Think of Starbucks and you instantly think of coffee. But in Lebanon, Tennessee’s new 688,000 square foot distribution center located in Park 840 East at the intersection of SR 840 and Central Pike, you will find items that range from furniture, premium juices, cappuccino mix and probably future food products. With Starbucks scheduled to open an additional 1500 cafes in the United States over the next five years, the new facility will certainly play a key role in their corporate growth.

The projected growth and the decision to service their clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner, led to the selection of Lebanon, Tennessee as one of their key centers in their expanding distribution network. The new facility broke ground in January 2013 and is presently being readied for immediate operations. Besides the construction of the new facility, the project also included the construction of water, sewer and roads which will provide an additional 100 acres for future projects. Starbucks and its third party logistic partner will require up to 287 permanent employees at the facility while also requiring up to an additional 125 temporary employees during seasonal peaks.

The project would not have been possible without the assistance of the City of Lebanon Public Works division and the partnership through the local tax abatement programs by both the City of Lebanon and that of the Wilson County Commission.

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