A Pause in an Exciting Journey


Any career in the field of economic development is unique.  It will eventually lead to the most basic question from your parent, spouse or child of “What exactly is it that you do”? For those in the profession, we understand this question and it is perhaps one of the reasons that we remain in this field of work.  

Our days are totally different and unique.  We deal with a wide range of professionals in the real estate, development and public agencies.  It offers many diverse days and at times a feeling of uncertainty if you did and said all the right things, or if we could have done more in your efforts to advance our community. One recent project however leads to no confusion.  It involved efforts to bring a technology center to the former Lebanon High School grounds.  To be known as the Tennessee College of Applied Technology it will offer our community both a facility and programs to both our youth and others who seek educational growth and opportunities in their life.     

Many people worked extremely hard on this project which led to the passage of the agreement by the Wilson County Board of Education.  For the members of the board and all those who promoted the project, I want to thank them for their efforts and support.      

The approval of the agreement reminded me of two quotes:  “All good things come to he who waits”, found in Proverbs and that of Mark Twain’s “Good things arrive unto them that wait - and don’t die in the meantime”.  As we take a short pause, we should be appreciative of the decision, the supporters and of the potential that it now offers.     

Sometimes in our journeys, we get too involved in doing our “lists” that we don’t take time to recognize where we’ve been.  In light of that I wanted to take this opportunity to take a look over the last six months.   

The first of half of 2013 has been an exciting time for Wilson County.  Our announcements of this year have included the 700,000 sq. ft. Starbucks Distribution Center, 700,000 sq. ft.  CEVA Logistics Center, SO.F.TER 120,000 sq. ft. Headquarters and Production facility, Hollister’s 240,000 sq. ft. Logistics Center and Care Line Inc.’s purchase of the Hartmann facility for health care products.  These projects represent over 1,100 full time positions of which 275 being classified as professional/white collar positions and do not consider the 400-500 seasonal jobs.    

These results come from having a proven economic structure, a strong economic plan, qualified staff and the support of local governments.  For that we are most thankful.

And now, the pause is over and it’s time to continue our journey.

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